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My name is Samar Tekaya and I'm 24 years old. Since I started my studies on IT bachelor degree, my story of passion to the coding and programming began. I had fun when I could fix bugs, It taught me a lot of patience, and there where I found myself talking about my passion of coding and design on my YouTube channel. Honestly, I didn't like being like everyone else in the university, coming and going, falling into the routine. I wanna be creative, learn and share my knowledge with people, I always wanted to be special in this domain. I was working as a freelancer with companies outside Tunisia and studying at the same time. Then I experienced teaching in workshops and trainings in many different places in Tunisia.

I was asking myself "what if I open my own startup?" and there I started SamCoding : Software company. Also I had the chance to work as a chronicler in a TV show called M Tunisia but I couldn't continue because of my engagements. Besides that I worked as a mobile developer in a French Company using react native technology. This is me Guys! I have IT Licence degree, Front-end developer, Freelancer, Content creator and of course the CEO and Founder of SamCoding. With my passion to learn and my willingness to work nothing will stop me from reaching my goals!

“Do what you love - love what you do.”

- samar tekaya

“Ever positive - never negative.“

- samar tekaya

“Code never lies, comments sometimes do.”

- samar tekaya


The first Arab girl teaching how to code on YouTube.

Winner of the best YouTuber award in the competition of YouTube nextup 2017

The biggest influencer on social media In North Africa.



Public Speaking

YouTube NextUp 2017

Being abroad for the first time, representing Tunisia in front of all the people in london was one of the best experiences, this event was located in Google company I've met other youtubers and I've shared with them my stories, At the same time they honored me as the best and the first Arabian youtuber working on programming education.

Algeria 2.0

I gave a conference and a workshop in algeria starting the 4th of December, It took a whole week talking about how to create an android application using Java, How to begin your own startup and of course how to make a successful YouTube channel.It was one of the best experiences I've ever had, the team was perfect with their outgoing and professional skills, also their willingness to learn was impressive.

Wie change the world

I was one of the speakers at the National School of Engineers of monastir and Carthage motivating people to achieve their goals by talking about my own achievements.


I was invited by the German Deutsche Welle Foundation to distribute the Young Talk Awards for the Gifted persons.

M Tunisia

I was invited to a TV show called “salem alaykom,” as the first Tunisian YouTuber.


YouTube Silver Creator Award : It’s been an amazing journey to get here and I couldn't have done it without you guys ! This is an incredible achievement for all of us.

How To Create A Website For Beginners [NO CODING]

This video will be really useful to you!

What is Coding?

They say programming is the language of the future. In this video you will learn what programming is And why should you learn it?

Coding Challenge - Samar Tech

Coding challenges are a great way to improve your coding skills.


Here are a few projects I've worked on recently.

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Restaurant Application

I used HTML, CSS, Js and jQuery to develop this app .This application allows you to order meals delivered to your home by internet. it also allows you to chat with others who use the same application.

Bini w Binek

This application is the Tunisian version of the WhatsApp application, through this application you can exchange messages with your friends completely confidentially. The application is definitely simple to use..... Of course I used Java, XML, Firebase to develop the application.


Your child can create a story in an easy and fun way,You can also, through this wonderful application, print the story version PDF, and this is how the child feels that he is part of the story...The app is available on all of your devices: Android and IOS and I used React Native to develop it..


ProxyGram is the same concept as Instagram but with another design and other functionsIn this app I used React Native, Spring Boot, Sass, RandomUser API.


It's true that I make videos to help you learn how to code, design... However, I always love new experiences that gave me the opportunity to show my followers something new. I told you before that I hate routine. Therefore I organized a new youtube channel called Samar Tech.

Samar Tech

I make interviews with my university students asking them questions about technology those who answer correctly I give them gifts it's not just for the answer but in order to encourage them to learn more about this important domain besides that I sometimes ask them about their opinions while studying this field. For me it's so important to know their different points of view and their way of thinking.The most important things in this playlist are the coding challenges in which they have to program a mobile application or a website with the programming language they want in a limited time. The winners will have important awards ❤️


SamCoding is an awesome company and Its do awesome stuff. You can tell that by Its awesome services. Notice how often I use the word awesome? That's how awesome we are. But all jokes aside, we'd love to meet you. There's probably something its can do for you. Its create websites, tools, other software, basically everything. Design brands and create everything necessary for you to run and promote your business.

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